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Karla Jackelin Morales Wanted For Murder

Karla Jackelin Morales texas

Karla Jackelin Morales is a woman from Texas who is on the run as she disappeared just days before her trial was to begin. According to police reports Karla Jackelin Morales would lure a man, Jose Villanueva, to the grassy area of a school where he was ambushed by MS-13 gang members. Apparently Jose Villanueva had insulted the gang during one of his raps. Karla Jackelin Morales has been charged with murder. Somehow Karla Jackelin Morales bond was lowered to $60,000 and she was able to get out of jail and placed on an ankle bracelet. However just days before her trial was to begin Morales would cut off the bracelet and go on the run. The odd part is that Karla Jackelin Morales disappeared back in October 2021 so its a bit odd that this story is now coming to light. Anyway if you know where she is call Crimestoppers and buy that big screen TV with the proceeds

Karla Jackelin Morales More News

A woman is on the run after being charged with murder for luring a man to his ambush death at the hands of machete-wielding MS-13 gang members.

Authorities are now asking for the public’s help in finding Karla Jackelin Morales. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced on Wednesday that a reward is being offered for information that leads to her capture.

“She helped plan and plot this vicious execution, and somebody out there knows where she is hiding,” Ogg said. “You can do the right thing by helping deliver justice for Jose’s family, and you can collect a reward for your efforts.”

Five MS-13 gang members, who hacked 24-year-old Villanueva with a machete and shot him to death, have already been convicted and sentenced to prison. Morales is the last to face trial.

She was set for trial on Oct. 25 and was free on a $60,000 bond.

Just five days before trial, Morales cut off her GPS ankle monitor and absconded. She has since been charged with bond jumping.

Ogg said that authorities will not ask the immigration status of potential tipsters, and they can remain anonymous, even when they get paid.

According to authorities, Morales lured Villanueva on July 29, 2018 to a grassy field near a Spring elementary school to smoke marijuana as a belated birthday gift.

Once he got there, several MS-13 members hacked him with machetes, and then, as he tried to crawl away, shot him repeatedly with a handgun.

Villanueva’s mutilated and decomposing remains were found days later.

Investigators say the victim had been hiding from the gang members, who were searching for him for allegedly disparaging MS-13 in a rap-music battle.

Morales and the gang planned the scheme to lure Villanueva into the ambush for weeks before the murder.

Morales, 20, goes by the nicknames “Cherry,” “Karlita,” “Missy,” and “Foxy.”

She is 5 feet tall with a heavy build. She has black hair and brown eyes, as well as tattoos, including a large one on her upper left chest that reads “Alicia.”

Authorities believe Morales, who was born in California and has family in Honduras and El Salvador, may still be in the Houston area.

Back when Morales was charged with murder, prosecutors asked a magistrate judge to set her bond at $250,000. The judge instead set it at $100,000.

A district court judge later lowered the bond to $60,000 and waived the defendant’s fees for an ankle monitor.

She failed to show up for a hearing days before her trial was to begin and hasn’t been seen since.

Crime Stoppers of Houston is offering a reward of $5,000 for information leading to her capture. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Karla Jackelin Morales Now

Karla Jackelin Morales current where about are unknown
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