Marianne Bachmeier Murders Child Molester In Court

Marianne Bachmeier
Marianne Bachmeier

In this article we are going to take a closer look at Marianne Bachmeier and what drove her to kill. Since starting My Crime Library some time ago I have read and covered stories of victims getting revenge on their attackers but none of them come close to the story of Marianne Bachmeier and how she would make sure the man who sexually assaulted and murdered her daughter would never do that to another child again.

Marianne Bachmeier Early Life

Marianne Bachmeier was born in Germany on June 3 1950. Marianne Bachmeier parents who were from Prussia would divorce during her childhood. Bachmeier would become pregnant for the first time at the age of sixteen and after giving birth she would give the child up for adoption. When she was eighteen years old she would become pregnant again and this child was also given up for adoption. Marianne Bachmeier would have a third child who she would keep that she named Anna who she would raise alone

Marianne Bachmeier Daughter Meets A Monster

When Anna was seven years old she would be abducted by Klaus Grabowski, a convicted sex offender, who Anna knew as she use to go to his residence to play with his cats. Klaus Grabowski who was previously convicted of sexual assault and underwent chemical castration in order to get out of prison early. However once outside of prison Klaus Grabowski would take hormones to reverse the chemical castration.

On the day that Anna was abducted by Klaus Grabowski she would be sexually assaulted and murdered. When he was arrested Klaus Grabowski told police that Anna told him that she was going to tell her mother that inappropriately touched her and he feared going back to prison so he murdered the seven year old girl.

Marianne Bachmeier A Parents Revenge In Court

On the third day of the trial of Klaus Grabowski Bachmeier would smuggle a gun into the courtroom. As she say beside her daughter’s monster Marianne would take out a gun and shoot Grabowski eight times. Klaus Grabowski would die almost instantly and initially Marianne would be charged with murder however it was later reduced to manslaughter.

Needless to say Marianne had a ton of public support in Germany however she would ultimately be convicted of manslaughter and unlawful possession of a firearm. She would receive a six year prison sentence however would only serve three years.

Later on when interviewed by a reporter Marianne would say that she carefully thought of her actions days before the courtroom murder and in the end it came down to making sure that no other child would be harmed by Klaus.

Marianne Bachmeier Later Life

After getting out of prison Marianne would marry and with her new husband would move to Nigeria where he was a teacher. The couple would divorce and Marianne moved to Italy. Unfortunately for Marianne she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly after and moved back to Germany. Marianne would pass away a year later at the age of 46.

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