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Stacey Schuchart Pleads Guilty To 1 YR Old’s Murder

Stacey Schuchart

Stacey Schuchart is a women from Kentucky who just plead guilty to the murder of her one year old son. According to court documents Stacey Schuchart had phoned 911 telling the operator that her seventeen month old son had hit his head and was not breathing. After the infant was rushed to the hospital where doctors were unable to save him. The seventeen month old infant, Sean Schuchart, was examined by doctors who would find a host of injuries including a broken arm,  severe bruising to several areas of his head and eyes, and swelling of the brain consistent with repeated blunt force trauma. Stacey Schuchart would be arrested and eventually pleaded guilty to the murder. It is expected that she will receive a thirty five year prison sentence.

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A Dayton, Kentucky, woman is awaiting sentencing following her guilty plea to a charge related to the brutal beating of her 1-year-old son that led to the child’s death, court records show.

Stacey Schuchart, 32, pleaded guilty last week to a single count of murder, according to documents filed in Campbell County Circuit Court. She previously pleaded not guilty in November 2019.

Documents say Schuchart was home alone with her 1-year-old son, Sean Buttery Jr., and her 3-year-old daughter on the afternoon of Aug. 16, 2019, when she called 911 and reported Sean had hit his head on the microwave and wasn’t breathing.

Emergency responders arrived at the house and discovered Sean in critical condition, “with a collection of injuries beyond bumping his head on the microwave,” the documents read

Sean was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where attempts to save his life were unsuccessful and he succumbed to his injuries.

The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office performed an autopsy and found the cause of death was “homicidal violence,” documents state.  The investigation found that any supposed contact between Sean’s head and the microwave didn’t contribute to his death

Instead, investigators found bruises covering Sean’s head, as well as injuries to the brain and eyes that were the result of multiple blunt impacts, documents say, adding the injuries were more akin to those found in “a serious automobile accident” rather than an at-home incident.

Investigators also found severe injuries to the child’s pelvis, consistent with him being stomped on or struck by a heavy object while on the floor, documents say. The coroner’s office ultimately determined Sean was “beaten to death.”

Documents say the injuries happened while Schuchart was alone with her two children and that she was the only one present at the time who was capable of causing Sean’s injuries.

Sean’s father, who left early for work on the day of Sean’s death and didn’t leave his workplace until after learning of his son’s injuries, indicated that Sean was uninjured the night before, according to the documents.

The children were not legally allowed to be in Schuchart’s care at the time of the incident, documents state, adding they had been removed from her home and placed in the temporary custody of her sister by court order.

Documents say the children had been living with Stacey Schuchart illegally for almost a month.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for noon on March 29, court records show. The Campbell County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is recommending a sentence of 35 years in prison with parole eligibility after 20 years.

According to the documents, that sentence will run consecutive to any backup time Stacey Schuchart may have from previous convictions in Kenton and Campbell counties

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