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Anthony Holland Jr Murders Sheryl Turner

Anthony Holland Jr
Anthony Holland Jr

Anthony Holland Jr is an alleged killer from Louisiana who has been charged with the murder of Sheryl Turner

According to police reports Sheryl Turner was last seen on December 31 2023 walking to the home of Anthony Holland Jr. Three weeks later the body of Sheryl Turner would be found in the Ouachita River. However the majority of Turner body was missing and only the torso remained. Using DNA police were able to identify the body of that of Sheryl Turner

Turns out Sheryl Turner and Anthony Holland Jr were having a romantic relationship online through texts however something went horribly wrong. Holland would eventually admit to killing Turner and dismembering her body

Anthony Holland Jr would be arrested and has been charged with second degree murder

Anthony Holland Jr News

A suspect in the murder of Sheryl Turner, whose dismembered body was found in the Ouachita River in January has been arrested, authorities said.

Anthony Pierce Holland, Jr., 29, of West Monroe, is charged with second degree murder and booked into the Ouachita Parish jail, where he is being held without bond.

Turner’s torso was discovered by a hunter in the Ouachita River in Catahoula Parish on Jan. 24, and identified later via DNA. Turner was last seen by her family on Dec. 31, officials said. She sent a text message to her twin sister stating she had met someone in Ouachita Parish and was going to move there. Sheryl also sent a text message to a family friend saying that she had made it to West Monroe, and she would talk to him soon.

According to court documents, detectives learned that Holland made contact with the victim on Jan. 1 and picked her up from her mother’s residence in a black 2023 Toyota Corolla. Holland then returned to Ouachita Parish with the victim.

Phone records show the victim’s phone stopped transmitting on Jan. 2 at 11:26 p.m. The Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office learned that the victim’s phone was connected to wifi near Holland’s home on Trenton Street in West Monroe.

During the investigation, Holland’s vehicle was seen on traffic cameras in an area near the location where the body was found four days before the discovery of her body. According to court documents, medical examiners confirmed that the duration of time in which the remains were in the river was consistent with the timeframe when Holland’s vehicle was seen on the traffic cameras.

Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives conducted a joint investigation with West Monroe Police Department, Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Holland was arrested Tuesday and confessed, authorities said.

The autopsy report indicated that the victim was allegedly sexually assaulted by Holland and her neck was broken.

Authorities said after his arrest, Holland allegedly admitted to picking the victim up in New Iberia and said he brought the victim to his home where they planned to engage in a relationship. Although Holland gave multiple different statements, he admitted that he committed the victim’s sexual abuse injuries, officials said.

Holland also allegedly admitted that he killed the victim inside his apartment during a sexual act. After Holland realized the victim was dead, he allegedly dismembered the victim with a large kitchen knife.

Catahoula Parish Sheriff Toney Edwards said he is grateful to everyone who helped to bring closure and justice to the family of Sheryl Turner.

“I send my heartfelt condolences to the Turner family and ask the community to keep their family in your prayers,” Edwards said.

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