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Brandie Gotch Runs Over Group Of Kids

Brandie Gotch

Brandie Gotch is a woman from Arizona who has been charged with attempted murder after she attempted to run over a group of kids

According to police reports Brandie Gotch was driving a vehicle to a playground where she would see her children fighting with another group.

Brandie Gotch would get out of her vehicle and threaten one of the kids with a sharpened stick and would tell the fourteen year old that ‘I am going to kill you and run you over,’. Gotch would get back in her SUV and attempted to do just that

One of the girls in the group would break her ankle when the SUV ran it over. Brandie Gotch would quickly take off from the scene however Arizona police would track her down and arrest her

Now Brandie Gotch is facing attempted murder, six counts of endangerment, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

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Brandie Gotch News

A Peoria mother is accused of attempted murder after police say she drove her pickup truck through a park, running over a child.

Brandie Gotch, 30, confronted a group of kids who were fighting with her children at Westgreen Park, near 87th Avenue and Butler Drive, on Feb. 27, court documents said.

Gotch reportedly grabbed a 14-year-old boy by the hair and chased another teen with a stick. Police say Gotch then got into her truck and drove recklessly through the park, while yelling, “I am going to kill you and run you over!” Gotch struck one child, running over her leg, before fleeing the scene.

Police were able to identify Gotch as a registered owner of the truck. Officers went to Gotch’s home and took her into custody.

During an interview with investigators, Gotch claimed she saw the victims fighting with her children at the park. Gotch allegedly admitted to driving through the park but did not believe she hit a child.

“Brandie continued by stating her children are being bullied at school and have had issues with this group of kids before and reported it to the school and police but nothing has been done,” court documents read. “[Gotch] thought the bullying was being continued at the park when she drove up and saw her daughter get hit by one of the other juveniles.”

Gotch also claimed her children were wearing seatbelts while in her truck, but investigators say her children told police they were unrestrained and “bouncing all over the vehicle” as Gotch drove through the park.

Gotch was arrested and booked into jail. She is accused of multiple charges, including attempted murder and endangerment.

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