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US Executions Scheduled For 2023

usa executions 2023

Well it is that time of the year to take a look at the Scheduled US Executions for 2023. Now this is not the final list as a number of States do not schedule their executions far advance where other States such as Ohio who schedule years in advance. Of course just become someone is scheduled to be executed does not mean it will actually take place do to last minute stays and other legal issues.

Of all of the Scheduled US Executions for 2023 that stand out there are two that jump to the forefront. The first death row case that is actually the first scheduled execution for 2023 is that of Amber McLaughlin a transgender woman who was sentenced to death under the name Scott McLaughlin in Oklahoma. If this execution takes place it will be the first time a transgender person will be executed in the United States. Amber McLaughlin would kidnap, sexually assault and then murder an ex girlfriend in 2003.

The second case is that of Andre Thomas out of Texas. Andre Thomas would fatally stab his wife and two children to death before stabbing himself multiple times. When Andre Thomas whose mental health has been suspect since his arrest has popped out and eaten both of his eyes over the last twenty years. Andre Thomas who has spent the majority of his time in a Texas psychiatric hospital is scheduled for execution on April 5 2023

Scheduled Execution In The USA For 2023

Scott McLaughlin – Amber McLaughlin – Missouri *

Robert Fratta – Texas *

Scott Eizember – Oklahoma *

Wesley Ruiz – Texas *

Leonard Taylor – Missouri*

John Ballentine – Texas *

Richard Glossip – Oklahoma *

Gary Green – Texas *

Jemaine Cannon – Oklahoma *

Arthur Brown – Texas *

Charles Lorraine – Ohio *

Anibal Canales – Texas *

Andre Thomas – Texas *

Anthony Sanchez – Oklahoma *

Phillip Hancock – Oklahoma *

Gerald Hand – Ohio *

James Ryder – Oklahoma *

Cleveland Jackson – Ohio *

Michael Smith – Oklahoma *

Wade Law – Oklahoma *

James O’Neal – Ohio *

Henry Skinner – Texas *

Jerome Henderson – Ohio *

Richard Rojem – Oklahoma *

Melvin Bonnell – Ohio *

Emmanuel Littlejohn – Oklahoma *

Keith Lamar – Ohio *

Elwood Jones – Ohio*

Kevin Underwood – Oklahoma *

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